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A fairy tale: The fox, the dog and the wolf

Once upon a time, in the wood close to the village, there was a fox, whose companion had been captured with a trap by hunters. One night, she decided to enter the village to look for the necessary food, for she had to make a living for herself and her puppies.

You have to know that it was summer, a very hot and dry summer and the wood was in famine. Otherwise the fox never and never would have decided to go into the village, since nobody there, neither the people nor the local animals, could bear her presence. In fact, she was used to hearing many terrible stories from older foxies, about people slaughtering foxies who dared to go there, with the complicity of cats and dogs, all of them jealous of their priviledge inside the village, that is all the cares that humans used to pay them, so they obliged humans, unwilling to loose those cares.

So, since her puppies were extremely hungry and she could not help searching food elsewhere, she tiptoed along the streets beside the houses looking for something to eat. After some minutes she was moving around, she saw a chicken coop in a courtyard and decided to steal one chicken.
There was a dog laying, the ward of the courtyard, since his master had trained him to do that in a very scrupolous way. He immediatly smelt the wild animal and then saw the fox crawling under the fence, while chickens were flapping loudly. He ran suddenly toward the fox, making her escape, but he tried to catch her to kill her and come back to his master proudly, bringing to him the dead fox. She immediatly perceived the great danger behind her and withouth thinking, let herself follow her wild strong instinct. She was running quite fast with the dog closer and closer to her, he was going to catch her, but running into the very darkness, she jumped unexpectedly to her left, whereas the dog kept running straight away, falling into the ravine.
The fox was safe, but she was not able to find any food and desperately came back to her puppies. When she arrived to them, saw the grey wolf, the king of the wood, was there among the puppies and surprisingly he had provided them so much food that they were sleeping satisfied. He told the fox that since this moment, he would help her untill the famine would be over in the wood, so she could sleep either, all the night long quietly.

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